Movement is my Medicine

About a week ago, I woke pain free for the first time since I was in a head on collision. I didn’t even have to sleep on a heating pad.

Prior to the accident, I was teaching five exercise classes a week, swimming daily, and doing light weight training. I am a movement junkie, a movement motivator. I love seeing other people come to life when they do Zumba, seeing people freely moving their shoulders in yoga after years of being unable to do so, and seeing people gain strength and confidence in Pilates. Movement is my passion.

I am accustomed to moving, and I knew that having that taken away from me could dampen my spirits. The day after my car accident, I woke up in pain, emotionally and physically. I was tearful, feeling broken, and cocooned on the heating pad, but I knew I had to move. Movement has always been therapeutic for me. It promotes the release of endorphins, which triggers positive feelings, and there is no better therapy than that.

The first day I began by getting into our pool. I submerged myself and gently moved my arms. I could easily pinpoint in the heaviness of the pain, but the salt water felt light and supportive. So, my journey began.

Each day I used the pool to do my physical therapy. Even though I was not moving the way I wanted, I was moving. As the days moved on, I began my actual therapy for whiplash and ribs/upper back mobility.

By the second week, I eased back into teaching yoga. I did the gentle warm ups with my students, focusing on my breath and sending it to the areas in need of healing.  Each day I moved, I could feel my body, mind, and spirit healing. Each day I moved. Each day I healed. I am still healing.

Yesterday, I danced with my tribe. It was a celebration of abundance, of healing, of life, of movement.

Find a form of movement that is medicine for you—Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, whatever. Do it as often as possible. Be amazed at the healing that will take place in your body, mind, and spirit. Movement heals.

Movement is my medicine.

movement is medicine

In what ways is movement your medicine? How have you used movement to heal your wounds? I’d love to hear from you if you would like to share your own story. Thanks for reading!

Light & Love,



  1. Rachel, so sorry about that accident! Just glad to learn you are doing better. Btw, I am still going to zumba and yoga classes. We were able to get Silver Sneakers through our insurance, although I am still not ready for Silver Sneakers classes!


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