Wellness Wednesday: Go Play!

When was the last time you played?

My mom often reminds me of the time I asked: “when did I stop playing?”.

I probably wanted to know when I stopped running in the yard, playing in the swings, flipping on the swing set bars, and riding my bike down the streets with wild abandonment.

When I visit my parents now, I join my boys, and we ride bikes down the streets of my childhood.  We jump on the trampoline. We play kick ball. We swing. We handstand and swim in our pool. We play Hopscotch in Target.

How would it feel if you started again?

Play can feed your imagination, fuel your creativity, build problem solving skills, improve your emotional well-being, and enhance your relationships.  When you play, for that time, you forget about work, the dishes, whatever weighs you down, and you are just present in that spontaneous moment of joy.

What was one thing that you loved to do or play as a child? My childhood love of swinging and flipping on swing sets has now morphed into my love of flying trapeze. Think about what you loved to do. Try it today. I bet your heart will be filled with joy, and you will find yourself living more abundantly.


If you enjoyed reading this, please comment below and share with your friends! I would love to hear from you! What did you enjoy doing or playing as a child? What about now? Do you play now? Let me hear from you!

Light & Love

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