Drive to Your Dreams

You get into your car, but you have no idea where you are going. You begin driving, without a map, GPS, or clear set of directions.

On some desolate stretch of highway, you check your rearview mirror. There is no clear direction there either, but you do see yourself and your past left turns, right turns, and U-turns.

You notice your reflection in the rearview mirror. You look weary. You begin questioning the times you turned down dead end roads, crossed the double line, and U-turned when no U-turn was allowed.

You become so consumed by your rearview mirror that you pull over at a rest stop. You stare at your reflection, completely paralyzed now without a map, because you can only see how many times you had your trip delayed by construction.

You are stuck now. You only see your “rearview mirror self” (Hal Elrod).

*          *          *

Each time we get trapped by our past choices, we become prisoners to our past. We are not prisoners of our past. We have control of this journey. We are moving forward, creating our own maps as we travel, paving our own way.

We choose our destinations. When we leave our pasts in the past and embrace our present, we need no map. When we pave our own way by listening to our internal GPS, we become so aligned with our purpose on Earth that we can embrace the challenges—detours, roadblocks, dead-ends—along the journey and see the lessons placed before us. If we cannot accept the lessons, we will continue to stall and be unable to listen to our internal GPS.

Your journey begins now, should you choose to accept it. You are now in the driver’s seat. Buckle up. Fuel up with joy on your journey. You cannot run on an empty tank. Embrace the journey, and drive in the direction of your dreams.

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Light & Love,


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