It’s Time.

On Friday, the boys and I headed out of town for a surgical consultation with a doctor we’d never met before. We drove the two hours, got a little lost along the way, but finally arrived.

Our appointment was scheduled for 9:45. There were 16 other people in the waiting room when we got there. I asked the receptionist, “is there more than one physician in this office?” She replied no.

We waited until 12:15 before we were taken to a room to wait more. At this point, my boys were cranky, hungry, and tired. I was too.

I began to question:

How can they keep their patients waiting so long?

Why do they not respect their patients’ time?

Why do they overbook?

Why do they then spend so little time with their patients?

I then began to think about time. My time. The time I spend with my children, my husband, my self.

In what ways am I not valuing my time?

What am I doing that is not of value to me or my family?

Why do I overextend myself?

In what ways am I not respecting my time?

How can I respect each and every second I am given….to make a difference in the world? In the lives of my children? With my spouse?

Take some time and think about that doctor’s office. I know you’ve been in the same spot as I was on Friday. You’ve probably asked yourself the same questions.

Think about it:

What are you spending your precious time on that is no longer serving your higher good?

How can you make every second count?

We are not guaranteed another breath. It’s time to start living. Each and every action you take should be for your higher good.

It’s time.

Light & Love

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