What Bugs You?

If you have been outside today (at least around here), you have noticed that love bugs are everywhere. If you don’t live here, and you’re reading this, let me just describe the scene. As soon as you open the door to your house, you are covered in love bugs. They fly up your nose, in your ear.

We have tried to enjoy our weekend by sitting on the deck, grilling, swimming, and just spending time together as a family.

But those bugs! We put all the fans on, sprayed the yard, but they would not go away. So, we did our best to enjoy ourselves even with the pesky bugs everywhere. I could hardly sit with these bugs crawling on me, getting into our drinks. Our boys used their toy swords to battle the bugs, but they were outmatched.

If you live around here, you may have had a similar weekend.

As hard as I tried to relax, the bugs were irritating me and stealing my peace. Actually, I was allowing them to steal my peace. My husband cooly said, “They aren’t bothering me at all.” Meanwhile, I literally couldn’t open my eyes or inhale.

These bugs triggered a reaction in me. They bugged me, literally and metaphorically. This nuisance was a reminder that there will be “bugs” in my life. No matter how frustrating they are, I have the power–allow myself to be bugged or remain calm in the face of billions of bugs.

What “bugs” are in your life? What bugs/triggers you? How can you remain calm when these triggers surface?

Don’t let the bugs get you down.

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Light & love.

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