Open Doors and Open Hearts

Often times, we desperately want a change. We visualize it, pray about it, cry over it, talk about it, and do things in preparation for the time the change will arrive.

Sometimes the change is wish for is a healthier body, a new job, lifestyle changes, or opportunities to travel.

We spend a great deal of attention and time in our mind’s eye imagining all of the particulars about what these opportunities or things will look like or feel like.

As much as we long for this change, sometimes we fail to see or act on the doors to change when they open before us.

When doors open before us that utilize your unique talents or pave a pathway to our dreams, we MUST acknowledge the door and walk through it whether we are ready or not.

There will never be a time when we are completely ready. We must take that leap of faith over the threshold of that doorway.

If we ignore that open door, we are saying to God or the universe (whatever language you prefer), thanks but no thanks.

If we’ve been holding this dream in our hearts, thinking about it, writing about it, praying for it, it’s going to come to if our hearts and minds are open. What we focus on becomes our reality—it’s the Law of Attraction.

So, when these changes or dreams manifest before us, we must acknowledge that God has sent them, walk through that open door, ready or not, and step into our calling, our potential.

Set an intention for this week:

I will be open to receive my dreams as they come to me.

Light & Love

One comment

  1. Thanx,Rachel! At this stage 8n my life,I’m feeling a kind of hopelessness. I’m struggling to stay motivated,seeing ‘nothing’ or very little. I’m aching all over because of my children so far away. Hearing so little. What did I do wrong?????


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