Today is My Day

Everything I have experienced up to this moment has led me to the person I am and am becoming.

Every single thing, good and bad, has been created by my thoughts and beliefs.

I feel no regret or shame about my path because I have done the best I knew at that point in time.

Today, I release my past in love, and am grateful for the new awareness I now have.

I invite you to release your past with love, too.

Today is my day. It is your day too.

This is the moment I am living.

This is the moment I am feeling.

This is the moment I am experiencing.

Today, I lay the groundwork for tomorrow.

Today and every day, I take conscious charge of my thoughts and words.

Each day is a chance to grow and learn.

Louise Hay stated that “the point of power is in the present moment”.

I have power. I am in control of my moment. My experience. My life.

You are in control of yours too.

Remember that you are not a prisoner of your past. You are who you are today because of the choices you’ve made. You’ve grown from those choices. Live in the moment. Live your life.

Today is my day.

Today is your day too.

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Light & Love

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