Give Yourself Grace

This weekend I got sick.

While I was feeling unwell, my children did not stop baiting each other, hitting each other, slamming doors on each other.

I lost my cool and snapped at my children.

I immediately felt bad. In that moment, I had forgotten that I had the power to change my thoughts and therefore my feelings. I should have given myself a moment, but that moment had passed.

* * *

There are times when we have to give ourselves grace. I learned that when I’m sick, I need to give myself some space to recuperate so that I may be more loving and patient.

In order to practice self love and to better love others, we must offer ourselves grace.

This weekend, I gave myself grace.

I give myself the gift of forgiveness.

I ask for forgiveness.

I forgive myself.

Today and every day, I will give myself grace.

I invite you to give yourself grace.

Light & Love

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