Set Back or Set Up?

We often face what we consider to be “set backs” in our work, health, relationships, etc.

When these “set backs” happen, we often respond with fear.

“What if I lose my job? What if I get sick? What if? What if? What if?”

What if we stopped fearing and started trusting?

What if…we shifted our mindsets and stopped seeing a “set back” but saw a “set up”?

The truth is when we start trusting, we start seeing the abundance in life. There are no set backs. There are only set ups.

What are we being set up for? There are opportunities just waiting for us. We only have to open our eyes, open our hearts, and receive with gratitude.

There is nothing to fear. And there are no set backs.

We are being set up for more than we could ever imagine, if only we are ready to receive.

So, when something doesn’t go “our way,” and we see a “set back,” remember, there is a better way that we are being set up for.

Get out there and receive your blessings!

With light and love….


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