You are Magical.

You are Magical.

This weekend, I started looking through old pictures. As I came across pictures of myself as a child, I was awestruck.

I was magical. I was shining. I was joyous. I was living in the moment. I was sunshine.

As we get older, life gets heavy. We don’t smile as brightly. We don’t live in the moment. We don’t always find the joy in life.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of who we really are. Seeing that beaming, innocent face reminded me that I am still that magical beam of sunshine. I am still a source of light.

You are too. Take a moment today to revisit yourself as a child. See yourself. Hear yourself. What made you excited about life? What made you happy? What did you love doing? What got you moving?

Take a moment and remember. Then, consider this—how can you bring more of your child-like spirit into your life?

Do one thing that sparks that sense of magic.

Then explore that sense of magic daily.

Remember who you are—

You are a source of light.

You are magical.

In light and love…

P.S. If you know of a friend who needs to be reminded of her or his magic, please share and tag them. Spread the love. Spread the magic.


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