The other night I dreamt of mud.

I was on my knees, digging through the mud, frantically searching for something.

I dug so much I was covered in mud.

✨At last, I found light.✨

Some thoughts about mud…

We all have “mud” in our lives.

We have challenges, problems. We get dirty. We get weighed down by the mud. Sometimes, it is just plain nasty. But, we must make peace with it. The mud holds our roots and allows us to grow. We cannot grow without the mud.

✨No mud, no lotus. (Thich Naht Hahn)✨

Be reminded we are not our experiences. All of the mucky junk that we experience is not who we are. Don’t get wrapped up in thinking that you are your experiences. Under those muddy challenges, our spirit still shines. Under the mud is the lotus waiting to embrace the light.

✨Under that mud is our light, our spirit, our soul.✨

So make peace with the mud. Get comfortable with it.

No amount of mud can tarnish the light of our spirit.

✨Keep shining through the mud. ❤️

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