Get Lit.

✨Get Lit.✨

There hasn’t always been that much light in my life—correction—there has always been sooo much light in ME—I just had not switched on my light to let it shine. 🌟

There have been times when I felt dark, lonely, lost, and in pain. I was surrounded by people and loved ones, but I did not feel light and love.

I sought light and love outside of myself.

We all have.

It was only after I had a head-on wake up call that I fully realized the light and love I sought is in me. I am the light. I am the love.

Start looking for the light in yourself. It’s there. It’s waiting to shine for the world to see. Give yourself a hug 🤗. Give yourself some love ❤️.

It’s time to get lit.

Shine bright, friends. The world is waiting for your light. ✨🌟✨


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