This morning the land was covered by a dreamy white blanket.

I sat, drinking my coffee, thinking about my path and steps before me. As I meandered through my thoughts, I realized I could not see what I believed I wanted to see, just as I could not see the crow cackling in the distance.

I have experienced fog. In the physical sense, I know how daunting it can be to drive through dense fog. My view is obscured. Mentally, I have experienced brain fog—when my thoughts are murky and riddled with confusion.

Fog clouds, it masks, it veils vision.

According to some, fog is the gray zone between reality and “unreality”, and in some texts, fog precedes revelations of sorts.

Fog visits for a reason.

Today, I’m allowing it to cloud my vision, my path. I’m giving it permission to stay a while, and I’m releasing the need to see and know everything. I’m surrendering to the greater plan and resting the “need” to know and see.

After a while, the sun will shine through, illuminating what was once veiled.

Your path, like mine, will clear when it is time for us to see.

May your day be filled with light and love!


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