Shift Your Mood

It’s been a long time!

Some days, you may just wake up in a stinky mood. A mood, though, can shift easily! There’s no need to carry yesterday’s baggage into today!

I’d like to share 3 easy ways to shift your stank mood. 😆

1. Gratitude.

This is such a simple thing. Why don’t we express gratitude more often?! If you’re lying in bed, and you’ve already started your day in a funk. Breathe deeply. Feel what is there. Then, say out loud or mentally “I’m so grateful for my comfortable bed.” “I’m so thankful I have a roof over my head.” Express gratitude freely and frequently. You’ll be amazed at how things shift.

2. Fresh air and sunshine.

Go outside. Let the sun hit your skin. Take a deep breath. Sigh it out. You’re alive today! 💖☀️ Just breathing in the air, listening to the birds, feeling the warmth on your skin will shift your energy. It’s God’s divine gift. Nature is a blessing.

3. Dance it out.

Put on a song and just go for it. Dance like nobody is watching. Be silly or not. Who cares?! Nobody is watching. This dance is for you. Mosh it out. Zumba it out. Line dance it out. Whatever. Just move. Movement is energy. Your mood will shift too.

Don’t go another second without shifting that stank mood.

Refer back to this often if you need the reminder! Share it on social media! Email it to a friend!

Someone needs the reminder today!

Sending you so much light & love! 🌟😊💖


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