The High Road is the Path to the Higher Self

The high road is the path to the higher self.

I was recently in a group of individuals that are on a similar path as I. Our time together is invaluable as we teach each other and learn from each other.

Most of the time when you find yourself in a group of similar minded/similar “hearted” people, you build and lift each other up because you are all on a similar journey. On occasion, though, the ego sneaks in and shadows follow.

On one particular day, we were sharing heart felt wishes for each other as we concluded our time together. One person, with whom I believe to be a friend, chose this special time to make a low vibe comment/wish for me in front of the group. It was in this moment that I could have let the ego come in or stay in my heart.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a very triggering moment, and it happened for me to master my own issues as they arise. As her “well wish” was spoken, I quietly said to myself “in divine right order for my highest good” and deflected the “well wish.”

No good could have come from me stepping into my shadow and lashing out. You see, her words were a reflection of her inner state of being. Her response was not about me. Her words mirrored her work that needs to be done.

I love her and send her peace on her journey. I have my own shadows to face and shine love on, and I chose to grow and to shine.

It is not our purpose to “put someone in their place.” That comes from ego. It is our purpose to love ourselves and to love others as though we are all one. Our purpose is to love. Our purpose is to show up as the highest versions of ourselves.

Our purpose is to take the high road.

The high road is the road to the higher self.

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