Self-Care and “Setbacks”

Exercise is my #1 form of self-care.

My mom loves exercising, and I spent hours in the gym as a kid. Then I started working out as a teenager. I eventually became a fitness instructor.

I am a fitness junkie.

I love to teach yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. In the past, I also taught water aerobics and aerial yoga. I love flying trapeze, and if I lived closer to a rig, I would fly several times a week.

In the summers, when I’m off from my day job, I spend extra time exercising and really taking care of my body. I notice the physical changes in my body, but it is the mental change I notice most. Exercise increases endorphins and just makes you feel invincible. I love it.

As most athletes, fitness instructors, exercise fanatics know, sometimes we can push ourselves too hard or that sometimes our bodies just say…ok, it’s enough and it’s time to rest.

Recently, I had a MRI that finally explained some pain I am experiencing. It came as quite the blow. I knew I had been unresolved pain for years, and ART, massage, rehab exercises, etc were not getting to the problem.

So, with this MRI, I was told that the issue could not be treated…to take Aleve, do some leg lifts. I asked if I was going to be sent for PT. No, he said. It wouldn’t help. Then they gave me a knee brace and sent me home.

I immediately went to my chiropractor and asked if it was something he could help me with. We started rehabilitation work.

While this issue “does not go away” and is “degenerative” according to the doctors, I am only open to perfect health. I’m claiming perfect health. And so it is.

This summer, instead of pushing, I’m learning to slow down and be more gentle and kind to myself and my body. My self care is evolving while my body heals.

No matter what “setbacks” are seemingly before you, you are the co-creator of your life. You do not have to claim a diagnosis because a doctor says it is so. You do not have to own an insult because it is thrown your way. You have the power to choose the trajectory of your life.

What do you choose for yourself? What self-care can help support this choice?

Today, I’m choosing perfect health and taking actions towards that.


  1. Rachel, thank you for sharing your positive attitude. And I do hope your issue with your knee improves.


  2. Needed that! I was told last week, hip replacement surgery. I am having injections done next Friday. Life has gotten me down more than health, but while I’m off from my day job (when I get off after summer school ends next week) I will have plenty of time to get back to it.

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