Start the Day on the Sunny Side!

How you start your day sets the tone for your day!

So, grab your rainbow hat and sunshine suit and let me walk you through a simple morning routine that can transform your day from the moment you open your eyes!

1. Don’t delay getting out of bed!

…As soon as you wake, go ahead and grab your sunshine suit and prepare for the day. This tells the universe that you are here for it and ready to shine!

2. Drink some water!

…Sleepy head, you’ve been asleep for a while, so take care of this physical vessel by drinking some water.

3. Be grateful!

…Say a word of thanks for 3 things in your life. Don’t complicate this. This is can be your cozy bed, your children, your coffee pot that was programmed before you went to bed.

4. Set an intention!

…How do you want to show up in the world today? Identify one word that conveys this feeling and declare it. “Today I will be patient.”

Get your morning mindset right and welcome in the magic.

Try this for a week and let me know how your energy shifts!

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