The Soul’s Compass

We couldn’t get in the ocean because Hurricane Barry left us with double red flags. So, we headed to another location and rented jet skis.

We listened to the instructions about the buoys, areas in which we could ride, and set off. Past the no wake zone, we went our separate ways.

After a long while of cutting up the water, I turned back to shore. I had no idea where I was.

I had lost my bearings. I was shaken for a moment before I noticed the markers to guide my way back to shore.


In that moment of uncertainty, I was guided to share this with you. In our daily lives, we lose our bearings sometimes too. We feel anxious, drained, and our pain bodies surface. This is when we have gone off course and need some guidance back “home”.

When we lose our bearings, we have a built-in marker to help us find our way back to our true selves, back “home”. That marker is our heart. It will guide us back home if we can step back and allow ourselves to feel, to truly allow divine guidance in. We really never “lose” our bearings, we sometimes ignore our soul’s compass.

The next time you feel off course, take a moment to connect back to your heart. Allow yourself to be led back home. Your heart—the soul’s compass—is your true north.

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