Worth Comes From Within

I see a vision of a child passing out valentines at a classroom party. With every accepted valentine, the child feels love. With every rejected valentine, the child feels hurt.

With every pass of a valentine, a token of vulnerability, the child gives tiny parts of herself away in hopes that someone will love her or see value in her.

So it is with worth. I’ve been the child giving pieces of my soul away in hopes that it will be held with love and validate my worth. It is a lonely place, that uncertainty…that feeling of unworthiness.

As children, we seek validation from our parents and teachers. As adults, we seek validation from our employers and peers (and our parents). We seek, seek, seek. What we are truly seeking is WITHIN.

Until you truly accept that worth comes from within, you repeat the give, give, give cycle and wait for external validation.

When you are ready to look within, I am ready to hold space for you. The little girl holding valentines is worthy and is loved. I have 1:1 spots available for the woman ready to embrace her worth and reclaim her power.


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