At times, you may feel like your body has betrayed you.

At times, your spirit may feel broken and lost.

At times, your mind may tell you that you are not good enough, smart enough, fit enough, worthy enough.

At these times, you are being stretched. Can you give yourself permission to feel what you need to feel but not be defeated by those feelings? Can you stretch like a rubber band and snap back? Or will you stretch and snap?

Life challenges us to see if we can bend, learn, move, stretch, and snap back from adversity. Can you snap back with even greater clarity, faith, and insight? You can.

You are a resilient soul. Do not allow the bumps in your path to make you question your journey. Scrape your knee? Dust it off and stand tall. Feel sad and lonely? Wipe your tears and stand tall.

Rise up. Stand tall. You are never broken. You are resilient.

You are loved more than you know. ā¤ļø

#resilience #lifecoach #mindset #wellness


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