Reframe Instead of React

Can you REFRAME instead of REACT?

Is it time to go to school and you’ve told the kids 514 times to put their shoes on?

Suddenly you shout to “PUT THE SHOES ONNNNNN!”

In that moment, you’re probably focused on the fact that the kids may now be crying, still haven’t put shoes on, you’re now late for school…then the disgust with yourself, the sadness you feel, the list goes on. You promise yourself not to do that again, but sometimes this cycle seems to be on endless repeat.

That instance with the kids and your reaction to it likely had nothing to do with the kids.

Sure, they’ve got to get to school. But consider this….

Did you feel like you were not being heard? Ignored? Disrespected? Like you couldn’t control the situation? So, your reaction was likely about you.

Now, let’s rewind.

Can you reframe this situation?

1. Realize in the moment that you can control your own emotions, actions, and thoughts.

2. Realize that the feeling bubbling up comes from a part of you—a part of you that longs to be heard, valued, etc…

3. Take some deep breaths.

4. Reframe this situation and become curious about those surfacing feelings

Give yourself some grace.

Maybe next time you slow your reaction time by being curious about where those emotions are coming from at the root.

Each moment is a fresh start. You can begin to make small changes in your life that create massive shifts. One breath, one word, one moment at a time.

Sometimes you just need support to know that you are seen, heard, worthy. You are. If you would like to apply for one on one support, comment below or send me a message. I see you.

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