You may not be where you want to be…YET.

Pay attention to your words, your thoughts, your actions because you are determining the lessons that you will encounter on your path.

If you catch yourself making a self-deprecating comment like…

I’m not good at that,
I’m not at my ideal weight,
I’m not where I want to be….

…add the word YET to the end of that statement.

This is a simple way to start shifting your mindset.

YET creates an opportunity for something still to come. It opens a window of possibility. It shines a light on potential.

Begin to shift to yet, then claim I AM. What follows I AM is what I become. You will become the I AM that you claim and believe wholeheartedly.

#holistichealth #lifecoach #lawofattraction #manifesting #courage #purpose #mindset #transformation #inspire #spiritual

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