img_0230For years, I was going through the motions in my life—waking up, getting kids ready for school, getting ready for work, working, teaching fitness classes, cooking dinner, spending time with the family, sleeping, REPEAT. I was happy enough. I knew, though, that there was more, much more, for me in life. I kept praying that I would discover what that “much more” would be.

I have learned that often our blessings come in disguise. In three months, I was in two car accidents, the last of which was a head on collision. At the moment of impact, I heard a voice inside myself say: I am dead.

I walked away from that accident with the knowing that my life had to change.

Something in me did die that day – the old Rachel, the Rachel who was limiting herself by living in the past, the Rachel who was willing to settle for going through the motions.

This catalyzing event was a wake-up call. I listed everything I ever wanted in life but was afraid to go for. I began asking for guidance. I began listening to guidance that I had been getting my whole life but was afraid to acknowledge. When I declared that I was ready for all that the Universe had in store for me, the coaches, mentors, and opportunities began to appear. I began to walk in faith and trust, and the next right steps appeared.

Hiring a coach was the first step I took towards true transformation and the first step in investing in myself. I worked with a mentor to understand my intuitive gifts. I earned my Reiki Master Teacher certification. I worked one-on-one with a Coach. I became a Certified Soul Mastery Coach. And I worked with two amazing mentors/teachers over the course of a year to further understand my gifts and earn my certification as a Psychic Medium.

Through this journey to self-discovery, I have made peace with my past and embraced it as part of my journey. I stepped out of the role of victim and took responsibility for my mindset and my life. Now I teach women how to do the same for themselves.

I am a life-long educator, a fitness instructor, Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Soul Mastery Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Certified Psychic Medium. In my coaching, I combine all aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

I believe that we are meant to live in joy and in the most expansive versions of ourselves. I help women heal, create the life they desire, break free of limiting beliefs, discover their passion and purpose, and master their mindsets.